Every construction project is a challenge on its own but it reaches a whole new level in case of the luxury construction projects. In the luxury projects, the customer expectations are very high. Whether you are building a luxury private residence or a marvellous design studio, the customers expect it to be of highest quality. They expect the end-products to match their luxury expectations.

Hence, you need to make sure that everything from the materials that you are using in the building to the interior designing and execution services are unique as well as of highest quality. Thus, it may require you to import the materials from foreign countries or hire most expert designers to design the architecture for your luxury construction project. But at every step, you need to be completely transparent and honest about the work you are doing as well as to your customers. Otherwise, it will not take much time to lose the precious reputation that you have in the market.

However, it often gets really rough and hectic for you. Making sure that everything is going as planned and overseeing the project, it really gets very tiring with the start of your luxury project. You start craving for a break but that is something which cannot be helped. Is there nothing you can really do? Of course, there is! We at Sion Projects are there to help you out.

Sion Projects have been around for over a decade and we have provided our services to some of the finest luxury construction projects in the country. How can we help you? Well, we can really take the charge of your project from you and make it our own to help you feel relieved. From making the project plan to providing the best possible design to your construction project to investing the money and completing the project by utilising the budget in the best possible way, we will provide it all with utmost efficiency. We will be responsible for delivering the finest end products to you as per your wishes.

At Sion, we have the team of best architectural as well as interior designers in the country who will offer the best possible designs. And with our most efficient project management team, we will make sure that you get the most excellent thing possible within your budget and the project gets completed at a rapid pace. Being a fully client oriented organisation; quality is something we vouch for. So, we ensure the best quality for your project which can meet the luxury expectation of your customers.

Most importantly, we offer all these in exchange for nothing more than a little share in the finished building. Our first priority is your satisfaction; so we take pride and delight in your success as we think it to be our greatest reward. So, come join us at Sion Projects and let us help you to attain glory!

  • We have delivered thousands of right solutions to design challenges. Our broad understanding all the areas starting from the theme of the building to the design ideas to handover, effective solutions are achieved.
  • Our vast experience comprising of residences, design studios, resorts, office spaces, multi-housing designs allows the concepts to fast track while avoiding the pitfalls common to concept development.
  • Effective implementation using latest tools like – AUTO CAD Revit, 3D Max, Google sketch up.
  • As your ideas evolve and requirements expand in the process, we are with you every step of the way.
  • We have the experience you need to ensure that the solution is well resolved, creative, versatile, flexible and uniquely outstanding while perfectly blending.


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